Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years

Living in Prague is fun all the time, but there are times it definately has huge advantages. It's crazy how many fireworks they set off here for New Year's. Last year we didn't celebrate and tried to go to bed, sleep was useless as we heard boom! boom! boom! for what seemed like hours. This year, Dan and I bought chips and dip and watched a movie and played games. Then about 20 to midnight we woke Vinson up, I know we're awful parents :) and went to a bridge near our house. We figured it would be a good place to see fireworks and we were right!! We were the only ones in the area not celebrating with champagne and a nice guy offered us some. We politely declined. Vinson loved it for a few minutes then he kept saying "quack quack" which means ducks, birds and rivers and lakes. Aparently the water was more interesting. But he was a good sport. It was a blast! We were surrounded by fireworks, but none were really close.

I just thought it was funny that the Chinese Restaurant had more fireworks trash in front of it than anywhere else! It also happens to be right across the street, maybe next year we should just go out the front doors for a closer show. :)
The next day they have fireworks for the kids in a park by our house. We were compelled to walk there, which really wasn't that far. The trams were so packed that when the doors opened people spilled out and had to cram their way back on. The fireworks were great!

You can see a little of how packed it was in this picture. The trams finally started moving again after a half an hour of stand still traffic. People even got out of their cars to watch the fireworks.

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Karey said...

WOW!!!! What awesome pictures! Your New Year's was definitely more exciting than ours!! I fell asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie and then at midnight, Matt ran over to kiss me and it startled me and scared me half to death and I flailed about almost punching Matt in the face. Talk about fireworks! :)