Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting Ready to Go to America

We've put off packing . . . the normal stuff you need to pack for any vacation so we got ourselves pumped up. Vinson was watching "Cars" which meant Dan and I could have 2 . . . at least 1 hour of time to pack. "Dan pojd," Vince called from the living room. Apparently he didn't want to watch the movie alone, and yes he lovingly refers to Dan as Dan. I think it's because it's so close to "Dad." So I packed all of Vinson's stuff and my stuff and took my turn with Vinson. Dan was almost done and we decided to pack a book from the bookshelf. Crash!! The entire shelf fell off the book shelf. We found that a screw was missing and spent the next half an hour trying to fix the bookshelf (which was a failed attempt but the book shelf is lighter we'll see if it stays :) while Vinson kept himeslf busy stacking the books that were all over the floor. He had two good piles going and we figured he was busy and happy and weren't paying any particular attention to him. Then Vinson decided to put BOTH of our cellphones in a cup of water. I caught him pretty quickly, and Dan hurried off to try to get all of the water out that he could. I was still trying to put the bookshelf together and Vince got out of being punished. Our phones still aren't working properly. Hopefully two weeks of drying will fix them. Long story short . . . it's taken us a lot longer to pack and clean up than we'd expected to. It's still not done, I took a break to try to laugh at the day.

Apparently I wrote too soon. I started making dinner and Dan decided to see if our Temple recommends were expired. Mine is expired. So between making dinner and trying to make calls on our still not entirely functioning phone and burning a few french toast Vince decided he was hungry and grabbed the opened box of milk -yes milk comes in boxes :( - and dumped it all over the floor. It might have started out as an accident, but by the end it was obvious he was quite enjoying himself pouring the milk all over the floor. There is a happy ending: we cleaned up Vinces mess while he was being punished in the crib, I was finally able to eat (man do I get hungry) and with Skype I was able to finish all of the phone calls. What a day!


Leez said...

Oh, where are you going in the U.S. and when are you coming? That's cool, we'll be on the same continent again!

Anonymous said...

Val! I miss you so much! * HUGS *


Stacy said...

Val, when you get back to blogging, I tagged you. (Sorry!) Go to my blog for details.