Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Handsome Four Year Old. . . I mean Vince

We were at a church activity and I was helping make tortillas for a Mexican feast. Vince was also helping by rolling out the dough. While I was cooking I overheard the following conversation:

Sister Anderson: Vince you're such a good helper.
Vinson: My first name is handsome.
Sister Anderson: You are handsome.
Vinson: Yeah, My names are Handsome Vinson Reeves.
On another note Vince turned four at the end of last month and had a really fun birthday party with his friends. We played pin the smokepipe on Thomas, the Fishing game, and had a prize walk (like cake walk but with prizes instead.) Eleven of his good friends come and we had a great time!
We (Mom, Dad and Benji) were saving an extra special present for his actual birthday (the day after his party)... we gave him a cool little bike. He has been asking for a bike that has pedals that go like this - imagine him kicking his feet in circles - for over a year. He's already doing awesome - with training wheels - and leaving Benji, on his motorcycle, in the dust. Good thing we're only a few blocks away from a park!