Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Vinson was absolutely amazing for the airplane ride! The flight from Prague to Atlanta (11 hours) was pretty empty so Vinson got his own seat. It would pretty much have been a nightmare otherwise. Then we had a five hour flight to Salt Lake. He cried more in the car ride to my parents house than he did the whole flight. He would wake up at about 5 o'clock every morning and Dan and I took turns waking up. Highlights of the trip were:
Sledding: Vinson hated sledding. He would cry even if Dan or I went down the hill by ourselves. But he didn't seem to care what happened to his aunts or grandma. It actually was pretty funny. Vinson didn't seem to mind when Dan held Vinson on his cross country skis and went down the hill.

Eating : We were SO spoiled with food :) My mom had our favorite cereals stocked (cracklin' oat bran and Wheaties), we had that and sausage for breakfast. (Sausage here is more like pepperoni here.) While we were at Dan's house we had mom's yummy tomato soup! YUM! And we ate Mexican a lot! Here we are at Mi Ranchito. Vinson accidentally ate a hot tamale, I wish you could have seen his face. I gained 10 pounds. I blame it on the pregnancy ;) We also fed my family Halusky - a traditional Slovak dish that tastes a lot better than it looks, and Dan's family Svickova.Swimming: One of Vinson's favorite things to do in American Fork was go swimming. He wasn't afraid of the water and even tried to push the water out of the way when it got too deep.
Shopping: I LOVED SHOPPING!!! We bought food and clothes and I understood everything that was going on! I could eavesdrop if I wanted to! :) It was great to have a cart that I could control and BAGGERS!!! Fast food that cost normal prices! Wow!!

Children's Playhouse: Vinson and his cousin's Lori and Charlie went to the Children's Treehouse which was a lot of fun. They had a whole bunch of themed rooms.
Skiing Skiing and More Skiing:

This is definitely one of the things that we looked forward to most. Dan got 4 skiing trips in and I got in 3.

Us at Alta. Go ahead and drool, the snow was amazing!!

Us and Tiffa, one of my absolute best friends ever!
Cross Country Skiing at Pine Hollow up American Fork CanyonDan and me at the top of the trail. I love the canyon!
Of course Dan decided to ski down the steep hill we just climbed.
Me and Rachael, also one of my bestest friends ever!
Dan and I at Canyons, this was one of our awesomest Christmas presents!
Ahhh!!! Virgin powder everywhere!
Friends: We got to see a lot of friends that we had missed while have been here. I got to see Tiffany and Rachael, and later we got to hang out with Dan's old college gang: the Wades, Shammy's (except for Shammy), and the Joels! There were a lot of new kids added to the group and Vinson had a blast! He especially liked playing ring around the rosies. Later we got to see a bunch of Dan's High School friends. It was a lot of fun!Family: And last and BEST of all! We got to see our families!!!! I feel bad we didn't get more pictures of Dan's family. It was so much fun taking pictures of Vinson play with his cousin Lori that we spaced on taking other pictures.
I loved jus hanging out and talking to my family!
Here's the whole gang!
Lieing all over eachother is pretty normal in my family.
Hanging out with Dan's cousins! We've missed the Ward Family gatherings.
Vinson was Lori's shadow. They had so much fun.
He still points her out and says, "Lori!"
And these are just some cute pictures of Vinson.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stay tuned...

So we recently came home to Prague after visiting home in Utah only to find that our internet connection has gone fickle. It works once in a while--usually when I am prepared to call our provider for help, but most of the time we have limited or no internet service. This has for obvious reasons made us slow to add updates about our Utah trip and other exciting events. So, don't give up on us, we are still here. And someday soon our internet connection will work properly and we will post some pictures of Utah's beautiful mountains and our beautiful families!

For now, here is a nice picture I took from my parents house on one of those strangely bright nights that seem to happen only in the winter.