Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love Food!

Benjamin is quite the little eater. The only problem is that he has exema on his forehead and constantly wants to scratch it. We're pretty good at distracting him. This is what happens when he's itchy while he's eating.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Randall and Lynn's Visit

We have been so excited for Dan's brother Randall and his wife Lynn to come to visit us and we had a blast despite the freezing temperature. The week before they came and the week they were here was the coldest it's been since we've lived here. It was cold enough there were chunks of ice in the Vltava and people were ice skating on a smaller part of the river. I got an awesome hat for Christmas so I stayed warm. We still went out occasionally to show them the city. On their second day here we went to Vyšehrad and Vinson had a hard time. I was prepared... Vince was wearing tights, socks, pajama pants, snow pants, a shirt, jacket, coat, gloves, hat, boots, and a huge blanket, but, after 45 minutes, he started crying because it was too cold. Not even the fruit snacks my mom sent were good enough to distract him. He would only stop crying long enough to swallow. So we headed to the trams and went home. I had been worried because it was so cold and we had made plans to go to Budapest with Randall and Lynn. I called my friend Melinda and she agreed to watch Vince for two days while we were gone. I owe her BIG!!
On the train Benji started his fascination with food. See him eyeing those crackers? Now when I feed him cereal he cries,when the spoon goes back to the bowl to get refilled. I want food now mommy!Here are Randall and Lynn on the train.
By the time we were done dropping our stuff at the hotel it was starting to get dark. We saw St. Stephens Cathedral, which was amazing. The Chain Bridge was absolutely beautiful!
The next day we had planned on going to the baths. I wasn't sure how it would work with Benjamin, but Dan forgot his swim suit, so we split up and Dan and I checked out more of the city. I was astounded by the Parliment building. Dan and I spent a lot of time there.Then I, of course, wanted to check out the Lady of the Rock Cathedral. It is in a cave. I guess when Communism took over they cemented over the opening but the cement was taken out when the Communists left. It wasn't nearly as cool as Timpanogos Cave. It was a dead cave with popcorn so it looked man made. My favorite spot in Budapest was the castle. We spent the rest of our time there and then took the 7 hour train ride home.