Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vinson in školka

Vinson started školka (Czech kindergarten) last week. He's been really excited. We made sure that he knew that all the kids and teacher would only speak Czech so he wouldn't have any surprises. There are 27 kids in the class. Vince said, "There are so many kids, even so many that I can't count them. . . but the teacher can." Good thing huh? When we got there some other kids were crying and having a hard time. It's a good thing for me that he had no problem and went straight for the toys. Benji had the hardest time because he wanted to stay. Vince likes school. He might not understand everything but it sounds like he's understanding more than he realizes and everyday he says he liked it. I'm really hoping he can make some good friends. He's going to learn a lot this school year.Cultural differences: Kindergarten in the Czech Republic is focused more on social skills so there is more play time and less structured lesson time. We're doing some reading lessons at home so he won't be behind when we move back to the states. Czech kids spend a lot of time changing their clothes. When they arrive they change into their indoor clothes and put on their indoor shoes. They change into pajamas for nap time. The main meal of the day is lunch so they have warm meals. Vince is having a hard time getting used to having soup and meat for lunch everyday. There's a lot of things he is getting used to - but he likes it! Horray!
I'm so proud of my big brave boy!