Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dan Saves the Day

So, I realize I left you hanging. . . Dan did actually get back from D.C. - a long time ago. He was only 2 days later than expected (instead of the week that we had thought.) And his timing couldn't have been better.
The day Dan got home was . . . one of those that makes you count down the minutes until bedtime. We went in the back yard - concrete slab where cars can park - to ride bikes. After a little while Vince was doing a dance. "Vince, do you have to go to the bathroom?" "No, . . . Mom it's too late." So we changed and went back outside since we still had a half an hour until art class. Dance. . . Changed . . . Dance . . . Changed and by this time we were running late for art class. After cleaning up the third time I haphazardly grabbed everything we would need for art class and shut the door.
It seemed like slow motion. The door closing and me realizing I left my keys inside - TOO LATE! So we headed to art class. I figured I could think things through and since we were out anyway.
My thoughts went something like this:
Assuming I couldn't get into our apartment what could we do?
Do I have any money? - No.
I have my phone. Whose house could I crash at for a week without clothes, diapers, bottles, anything?
Hmm . . . I think I might have left the back door open in my hurrying when I put Vince's bike on the balcony. I sure hope so!
We're only on the first floor. Who has a ladder?
Okay we'll try for that and then what?

So I got home . . . buzzing a neighbor to get in and headed up to their apartment. From the elevator I thought I saw Dan in the hallway. Not possible. Benji starts yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" It sure looked like Dan.
And there he was . . . with the door open! And at that moment I am happy to say that I was more excited to see Dan than the open door.