Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vince and his imaginary holka

Vince has an imaginary friend. They've been friends for a few weeks. Her name is holka (which means girl in Czech - you pronounce it Hulk uh). They play together pretty well but have their moments. Once she decided to climb on our cabinet so Vince started yelling at her to come down. When she wouldn't he decided to climb up and force her down. The only problem with an imaginary friend is that I can't intervene. I kept pretending to pull her down and said, "see she came down." but Vince didn't believe me. And I had to fight Vince from climbing on the cabinet. Another funny moment with Holka was last week when we went to the zoo with his real best friend Lolo -short for Laurence. Vince wouldn't hold her hand because he was already holding holka's hand. Shafted.
Every now and then Vince turns into Holka's mommy when he disciplines her. "Holka no! Time out! Did you hear me? 1, 2, 3 . . ." I asked him if he could be Holka's daddy and he said no. It makes me wonder if he's using it as a release for his frustrations with his own mommy whom he sounds an awful lot like . . . Dan doesn't yell as much and always uses a soft voice with him.
Finally yesterday was kind of interesting. We went to Tesco (the Czech equivilent of Walmart) and he walked sometimes because Holka wanted to ride in the stroller. While we were at the check out she ran away. I wouldn't let Vince chase her for obvious reasons. So he ran to the balcony and started yelling at her. "Holka stop! Wait there!" Then Vince and I went down the escalators and as soon as we were close to the bottom he said, "Holka! How are you!" I was suprised she actually waited :)