Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Definitely a Reeves

I always love to go back and look at baby pictures and see who looks like who, so here is Vince, Benji and Max in their blessing tux.  Charlotte’s picture isn’t quite as comparable since we didn’t have a car seat.

D3S_1642 (2)_700


And here are passport pictures for the kids.  First Charlotte, then Benji, Vinson and finally a straight on picture of Max (we didn’t need a passport for him. Smile)P1070748 – kopie

We love Max!  He is such a good baby!  Here’s my favorite picture of him.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A baby, wedding and a funeral

Since Max was born, things have been pretty busy!  Here are some highlights of the first two weeks. 

Max was born on the 17th.

On the 19th, we went to American Fork for my brother’s wedding dinner.  And they got married in the Timpanogos Temple on the 20th.  Here is my brother, Rob, and his beautiful new wife Janae.  We absolutely love Janae, she is a perfect fit for Rob! 1231556_10201290657682803_598506950_nP1070655P1070654

As you could expect from Rob, their reception was really fun.  We could dress up in Mexican clothes and pose with some Rob and Janae dummies.  They had frisbee golf and a pinata – which meant that the boys were entertained and not embarrassing.



That Sunday we went and visited Grandma Ward.  She needed to meet Max (who was named after her husband).  She hadn’t been feeling very well and was on oxygen but we’d been around to see plenty of ups and downs with her.  Well, this was the last picture taken of her.  She died the next morning.  I’m so glad we visited and she got to meet Max.

P1070723Her funeral was on the 27th, which was actually a really happy occasion.  We believe in life after death – so for us this was her being reunited with her husband and family who had already died long ago.  Charlotte kept saying, “Grandma sleeping” and looked really concerned when they put the lid down.  Charlotte and Grandma had a special relationship.  We will miss grandma but know we can see her again someday.