Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who looks like who?

We are a happy family. (In front of the LDS Church after Charlotte's baby blessing.)
When I look at Charlotte I can't believe how much she looks like Vinson to me. What do you think? Here are the kid's passport photos. Charlotte is a few weeks older since it took a little longer for her to get a passport (her first birth certificate said her name was Charlotte Lucie Reevesova). But it's still fun to compare and have the pictures back to back.
Charlotte's passport photo:
Benjamin's passport photo:

Vinson's passport photo:
As for other news, Charlotte's blessing was absolutely beautiful and an amazing experience. Here is Benji "giving" Charlotte a blessing.Charlotte in her blessing dress looking like she's at attention:
Benjamin before he was blessed at church:Vinson before he was blessed at church:Update on školka: Vince is picking up Czech so quickly. He even says some words in Czech at home because it's what comes to his head first.
Funny story: A few days ago Vince pointed to his but and said, "Mam velky zadek." (I have a big but) Now I know he didn't learn that from home - what are they teaching him at school ;-). BUT was too pleased that he was speaking Czech to give a more appropriate response and said, "Wow Vince! You're speaking Czech so well!"