Friday, December 28, 2007


This has been a super awesome Christmas this year!! Vinson loved having the carp stand outside our apartment. Czechs eat Carp for dinner and they pick the carp from the huge bucket. If he didn't want to go outside all we had to do was remind him that there were "fishies" there. Our upstairs neighbors the Vondorskovi's got 3 big carp and had them in their bathtub. Vinson loved torturing . . . I mean petting them in the tub.

We had Turkey and Ham for Christmas Eve dinner. We went to the Glenn's house and they, the Wicker's and us potlucked a huge Christmas Eve dinner. Enough to feed us, some inlaws, 10 missionaries and 2 couple missionaries (one was the Mision president and his wife). Dinner was great! After we exchanged/stole white elephant gifts. Vinson managed to get 3 presents. Once when Dan was going to trade his present, because it was a stuffed animal, Vinson cried. In the rules you can't make kids cry, so Dan had to keep it:) After that we acted out the Nativity story. Vinson made an excellent cow! The Slovaceks were Joseph and Mary. Then Vinson climbed into the manger and the Glenn girls Elly, and Anna pushed him around in the manger. It was probably Vinson's favorite part of the evening.

Dan and I were so excited about Christmas!! Vinson wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he would figure it out.

He loved opening the presents. Mom and Dad probably made him jump from one present to another too quickly, though because all he wanted to do was play with the last one he opened. In the end he got a great stash! My favorite present was the tractor. I found the tractor in a garbage can, but it didnt' have a steering wheel. I made one out of a back scratcher and a frisbee, but unfortunately it only lasted about 5 minutes before it broke. We tried again with string and he still plays with it. Now we just need to reattach the frisbee :) His favorite was probably the train set and the man that climbs down the ladder. . . well he liked everything!

Dan's favorite was the book of Prague buildings that have cut out drawings and drawings of the cool paintings/sculputres etc. int eh building. The funniest one was probably 101 Regions of the Alps text book in German. Even thought he loves it, it was an accident :)

My favorite gift was the game Thurn and Taxis, which is a post office route game of Eastern Europe. It was the German game of the year for 2006. Those Germans sure do make some good games!!! We have played it every night since Christmas and everytime Vince has had a nap.

For some post Christmas festivities we went to the Wicker's and made ginger bread houses!!! It was so much fun. Dan is holding Vince weird cause he wants to eat the house. I bet you can guess which house is mine and who did the crazy extension. I think he just wanted more gingerbread to eat ;)

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Karey & Matt said...

It looks like you guys had a very merry Christmas!! It's just not Christmas without carp :) We should try to start that tradition here!

Chambers Family said...

Carp, ha! I feel like making some sort of pun about Carp-e Diem, or something. Carpe Carp, I guess. :) Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Happy times!

Leez said...

Man, Vinson is CUTE! How do you spell his name?