Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Saturday we went to the Easter markets to buy pomlasky - Easter whips. In smaller towns and in the country boys whip girls (to give them fertility) and sing a rhyme in exchange for candy/eggs. We learned how to make pomlasky last year, but it seemed weird to go to a park and cut some willow branches off. The boys enjoyed practicing on each other.

I LOVE Czech Easter eggs!

(Check out the blue egg that is shaped like a basket!)

We enjoyed the animals and craft barn in Old Town Square.

Sunday the boys found their baskets. They got more candy this Easter than Christmas and Halloween combined!

On Easter Monday we have a tradition of going to the Čubovi. They practice the whipping tradition and have four girls! Honza, their only boy, showed us the huge box of candy he got from his whippings - amazing. My lucky boys got to celebrate the Czech and American way and got enough candy to last them a week!