Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apples and Oranges

We're finally "settled" and getting into a routine in Utah. People keep saying, "I bet you're so glad to be back!" Yes, we love being in Utah . . . and we loved Prague. Hard to say what's better - apples or oranges. So here's my list:

Things I love about being in Utah
1. Seeing family almost every day
2. Blue skies and sun - even in winter.
3. Amazing sunsets every night through my front window.
4. Vinson's kindergarten. His teacher is amazing and he has lots of friends.
5. I'm not afraid to return things to the store (they won't yell at me) and I can have fairly complicated conversations over the phone - complain about my phone bill etc.
6. The fact that there are baggers at the store who not only put my food in the bag, but put my food on the conveyer belt and walk me to my car. I could just stand there if I wanted to - not that I do.
7. The English selection in the Library.
8. Alta ski free at three.
9. Having a yard.
10. Mexican food - YUM!

Things I miss about Prague
1. The closeness of the expat community - how quickly tightly knit relationships are made.
2. The Babicka's (grandmothers) who would do anything for you and going to the LDS church every Sunday. I get "homesick" for Prague every Sunday.
2. Walking. It's so easy and beautiful to walk in Prague.
3. The amazing parks with playgrounds that are so fun they would be outlawed here. Way funner (and more dangerous) things than the merry go rounds that are now being taken out of parks in the US.
4. The fact that when I went running I could either run to Prague Castle, or Troja Palace and the whole route was beautiful!
5. Public transportation.
6. Czech - hearing it and being amazed how much I underst00d/or didn't understand and having an accent.
7. The beautiful architecture, history and culture.
8. Being in a "big" city where the concerts, events, activities are centered.
9. Having 14 missionaries at church that my boys looked up to and being asked questions about my religion because it's unique.
10. Chocolate!

Culture shock: Probably the funniest stories are due to the fact that strangers are really friendly in the US. The mail man said hello to me and the kids walking home from school and I was so shocked I couldn't respond and by the time I realized he really was talking to me he was already at the door and I was left feeling rude.

So, yes we love being back and Dan loves his job. We miss the Czech Republic. And really as long as I'm with Dan, I could be happy living anywhere. :)