Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet Charlotte

Charlotte is 18 months, I can’t believe how fast time has flown!  One of the best ways to show what is important to her is by what she says.

Boo – meaning both cow, boots/shoes and book.P1060514

Side note:  Seeing all of Charlotte’s shoes reminds me of a time I took a picture of all of Benji’s shoes – which I thought was a LOT at the time.  I guess that’s the difference between girls and boys.

Baa – sheep, bottle and blanket

Be – Bear (her bear pillow pet which she carries all over the house) P1060437

Bebe – Benji :)


Ma – Follow me and Mama

Da – Daddy!  Her favorite person in the world!

wan dow – I want down (from her chair)

Gama – Grandma (though she gets confused that grandma doesn’t just mean Grandma Ward).

She is very conservative with her words, but her expressions say so much she doesn’t have a hard time communicating.  Benji took this jewel: