Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shhhh . . . the baby will hear.

Vinson's favorite food is macaroni and cheese (home made - you can't get it out of a box here). He would eat this every day if I would let him. The problem lately is that the thought of macaroni and cheese, even the thought, makes me sick. So if he eats it I've got to make something else for me. Luckily mac & cheese has been my only problem - pretty much. I asked Vince what he wanted for dinner and he yelled, "Macaroni and Cheese!!!" Then saw my face and whispered, "macaroni and cheese. We've got to be quiet or the baby will hear us and say, 'yucky.'"
They're both very excited to have a sister. They talk to my belly all the time. Hopefully they'll love her just as much when she's here in person. Due July 14th.