Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mom the Builder

We only lived in Kaysville a few weeks when the big wind storm came and blew down trees and shingles . . . and this play set.  It originated in our neighbors yard across the street. I remember their 10 year old telling me how he was “helping his mom by taking it apart.”  It was on it’s side and pretty much in pieces in our neighbors yard and she said that they were going to get rid of it.  “Well, if you don’t want it, we could take it and fix it up.”  She said she’d talk to her husband.

He came over and asked if we were serious about wanting it because they were going to take the pieces to the dump.  He wanted to make sure Dan was on board since he assumed that Dan would do most of the work.  Dan wasn’t excited, and it showed but he agreed that we could have it.  I spent the next couple of weeks in their backyard with a wrench so we could carry it across the street and then more weeks putting it back together.  (I wish I had a before picture – to show how it looked.)  I am impatient and Charlotte is at the stage where she wants me to hold her all the time, so Charlotte was in one arm, and the drill in the other.  She is no longer afraid of the sound of a drill. Winking smileThe boys love it and play on it ALL THE TIME! 


From the beginning of February I’ve been working on this beautiful desk that was pretty even in turquoise.  I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to sand it – well I had no idea how hard it is to sand painted furniture and this one was painted twice – but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  It’s SO pretty!