Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So every now and then I come home from Albert (the grocery store) with something absolutely stupid. Today I wanted some ground beef, or beef period for dinner. Everything either came absolutely huge or the right size and small but not labeled with words I knew. I found one that was a good size and that I thought would be the right thing and came home with . . . ground liver. Great. Yesterday - now just because I was stupid twice in a row doesn't mean these kinds of things happen all the time. Maybe once every two or three months until - yesterday I bought pork fat thinking it was butter. This time it was all my fault. The margarine that I usually get was gone and I grabbed a package that looked exactly the same, same size, same brand only a lighter color - must be butter. And, yes, I DO know the word for butter, but didn't think I needed to look on the package. When I opened it up it wasn't yellow any more, the wrapping gave it a yellow tint, now it was white. Dan told me I bought pork fat. AHHH! Other mistakes I've made: I've bought butter milk wanting real milk twice, and flattened corn thinking it was oatmeal. Oh the joys of knowing only playground Czech, conversational Czech, or Mormon Czech. So I'm crossing my fingers and holding my thumbs that I won't be stupid again. . . at least not anytime soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Pictures

Dan and I went to a park by our house and took a bunch of family pictures. This one is our favorite.
My cute boys!