Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why is it so hard to take a good passport photo?

I needed a passport photo and decided it would be easier to do it myself at home. This is what we got, even with bribery and pleading to just look at me and smile.
For those who can't read this it says: Too angry, too mischievous, too innocent, too squinty, too ferocious, too cheesy, too distracted, and distracted, Good Enough!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is here!

Last Saturday was the first weekend that really felt like summer so we decided to have a super awesome day! First we took the motorcycles to the park. After the hill Dan and I wore our rollerblades. This video shows just how masterfully the boys are at riding by now.Sidenote: after watching this video you can imagine a lot better what it's like for me going to the park weekly. Vince rides his motorcycle down, most the time stopping where he is supposed to, but usually as far in front of Benji as shown in this video. Benji is riding much too fast for his skill level (in his mother's opinion), but having too much fun for me to stop him. So I try to hold on to his collar and run down the hill and manage the stroller with the other hand while keeping an eye on Vinson. Every now and then I have to put Benji in the stroller and chase Vince down yelling "STOP VINSON STOP!!!" You can imagine the fun looks I get during this charade.
Back to our super awesome Saturday: We roller bladed through the park to Zámek Troja (a beautiful chateau across the river from us.) On the way the boys learned some tricks.
Then we evaded the crocodiles and made our way through a maze to the treasure tree.

(Google Earth view of the maze)
There is a maze in the garden that is made slightly more difficult with water obstacles. We made it a game and told Vince the water was full of crocodiles. He has such a great imagination. "Ahh crocodiles! Turn around . . . .this way! Ahh crocodiles!" Very fun!
We had a great picnic in Troja. Here's Benji saying "cheese" with a mouth full of popcorn. And then we headed to the zoo (which happens to be across the street). Saw the hipposand elephants Rode the train. Swam with the ducks. There actually was a mother duck and her two baby ducks underneath the bridge being terrorized by the children. Who could ask for anything more (...perhaps the ducks...) ?! Such a great day!!!