Monday, June 30, 2008

Where did June disappear to?

June was a crazy busy month for us. I (this is Dan, by the way) had my final exams for the spring semester, which meant lots of studying and a couple of projects. A couple of professors asked me to translate/edit articles into English for them. It was nice to have an opportunity to make some more money, but the timing could have been a little more spaced out. Anyway, I was busy with those things and Val was busy working on an amazing quilt for little boy #2. Vinson stayed busy getting into mischief here and there, taking Val to the park to play and playing with his friends. These pictures are from our first boat outing on the Vltava River here in town. I say first, because we really enjoyed it and have already gone a second time with Val's sister Anna, while she was in town. You can rent these little paddle boats and cruise around for an hour or two. We went with Brit and Melinda and Vince's good friend Lolo. It was a perfect Saturday evening activity to unwind after one of our busy June weeks.