Monday, January 21, 2008

Answer Blog

Nothing exciting has been going on with us. We're going to Utah in exactly one week and are super stoked for that! I've started packing since Christmas trying to take home everything that we don't need here but want to keep like board game boxes. So we'll have a lot to write about when we get back, but a lot of people have asked me questions, so here is the answer blog.

1. Will we go back to the U.S. to have the baby? We will have the baby here. The Czech Republic is supossed to be one of the best places for deliveries. I am still a little nervous, though. We'll start doctor searching when we come back. I really want someone who can speak decent English. Some differences I've heard about are that you go to the doctor every 3 weeks during the whole pregnancy and they do a lot of ultrasounds. Which is pretty similar to my experience with Vinson. With having the baby you have a lot more options: standing up, etc. but epidurals are very uncommon :( Hopefully everything will work out so I can have one. There's no need to feel pain, right ;) Afterwards you and your baby and all of the other mothers and their babies share a room, which doesn't sound so fun. Dan can't sleep there, and it's not a two nights max thing. Anything less than a week stay isn't normal :( There is an upside to it, though. One of my good friends just had a 2 year old birthday party with her daughter and all of the other kids that were born around the same time. The mothers were there long enough that they became good friends. I'm really good at small talk in Czech, but we'll see how it goes. I guess I can handle anything for just a week.

2. How am I feeling? Great! I'm one of those lucky ones that everyone that has horrible experiences hate. I haven't had morning sickness at all. I can tell I'm pregnant though. I'm hungry all the time and if I don't eat then I get dizzy. I hate coming up with 3 meals to eat everyday, and this 5 smaller meals is driving me nuts. Especially since oftentimes nothing we have sounds good to me. My only craving, if I could call it that is orange juice. I'm not sure it's a craving, but I never wanted it before and it always sounds good to me now. My sense of smell is better so Dan has to clean out the fridge. My weirdest symptom is that I have nightmares more often, It happened with Vinson too, but it seems like my bladder wakes me up before it gets too bad. I'm showing a tiny tiny bit but not much. You can't tell if I'm wearing a shirt.

3. Do we want a boy or a girl? It would be fun to have a girl, but we already have so many boy clothes and two boys close in age would be fun . . . honestly we'd be fine with either but am leaning twards a girl. As soon as I find out what it is we'll be thrilled either way!


Anonymous said...


heart, Kenzie

allie said...

Hey! Congratulations on the upcoming baby! That's so exciting and fun. Will you do dual citizenship? That will be interesting getting a passport for a newborn! :) Responding to your comment on our blog, we would love to come back to Prague when it's warm. We really did have a great time!

Czechers said...

Dual citizenship would be fun. Especially with socialist benefits :) If we can we'd like to, but only if it's worth all the red tape ;)