Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Easter was so much fun this year! We had a really fun week. It was spring break so we started off by having an egg hunt in our backyard. I love our back yard!!! Definitely the best part of our place. We invited some friends over. They got so excited whenever they found an egg. So fun!

Then we went to my mom's house and went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. So fun!



Last minute we went to the Aquarium in Sandy a few days later. I love spoiling my kids.
Every year we have celebrated Easter by going whipping at the Čubovi and Čankovi homes. We weren't able to go to their house but we still got to go whipping because one of our friends from Prague moved to the U.S. a month before we we did. So we were able to go to Miša's house and go whipping. It was so fun to see her and speak some Czech.


P1030945Then on Sunday the boys hunted for their baskets. I think I went overboard with their baskets. Every time I was at the store I would see something and it would be SO CHEAP so I had to get it, then we have a tradition that they get new books every year and finally they all got a hat and tail. (Sidenote: For Vinson’s birthday I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said a car that he could drive in and a monkey costume. So I had my friend make a monkey hat for him then he got too much for his birthday so I saved it for Easter – so he got too much for Easter too. Smile) The boys were so cute in their costumes they wore them all day and it’s still one of the favorite toys.


Mess in 1.

P10309642. P1030967

Maybe we need a bib.


We are living with Dan’s grandmother who we absolutely love. Here she is joining in the festivities.