Sunday, December 19, 2010


Milulaš was actually two weeks ago, but it was so much fun we still wanted to do this post.  (It’s late partly due to laziness and partly because I’ve been working on another post but the darn videos won’t upload.  Hopefully that one will come soon.)

Mikulaš is the Czech Santa Clause, only he comes on December 5th instead of Christmas.  (Baby Jesus is the one who delivers the presents – all of them – and the tree).  Mikulaš is always found with an angel and Cert (a devil).  Usually the threesome goes to homes and comes to schools.  But you are bound to find them roaming downtown on Dec. 5th.  So we always head for Old Town Square.  If you have been good Mikulaš checks and finds your name in his book.  If you are nice the Angel will give you a present (commonly a chocolate depicting Mikulaš, Cert or an Angel).  If you are bad than Cert frightens you with his chains and gives you a bag of rocks – to help you want to be better – so actually Cert is good Winking smile.

Mikulaš wasn’t able to come to our house this year but left some chocolates for the boys because they were so good.  Vince is the perfect age for this.  All other years we had to hunt down Mikulaš, but this year Vince was a magnet for them.  Mikulaš asks you if you were good and then usually asks you to sing a rhyme.  Vince was pretty cute saying, “hodný, hodný!” Good, good.  We taught Vince how to say, “Can I in English.” and then he sang Twinkle Twinkle little star.  We got some good candy and Benji was only afraid of Cert until he got the candy.



Thursday, December 16, 2010


Benji has really enjoyed music! We catch him singing songs to himself all the time. I've tried uploading the video TOO MANY TIMES! So you can click on this link to see it. Benji is singing Where is Thumbkin but got stuck on pointer here.

We wanted to have Vince interacting with Czech kids more, so we tried out soccer. It was interesting! Vince was the smallest and almost the youngest on the team and he finally told me he didn't like how the other kids ran so much faster than him. I didn't blame him. We lasted a month, but are going to try again in the summer. Vince learned some valuable words in Czech like "stop, stay there, right there." I overheard him telling it to Benji. And he made a good friend Marion (the oldest biggest boy who liked to play tag with Vince during breaks - unfortunately Vince wanted to extend this to practice time too. The coach was really great! But probably glad we stopped coming. Practice went something like this (Vince is in blue):