Monday, April 27, 2009

Videos of Benjamin that make me laugh

Random side note - I was on the tram the other day and a lady was surprised that Benjamin already had shoes. I thought that this was interesting because I got scolded so many times when Vinson was Benjamin's age because he didn't have any shoes. Benji has 11 pairs of shoes! I love shoes! And aren't they all so cute? They all get plenty o use :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make Czech Easter Eggs!

Our good friend Magda taught us how to do Czech Easter eggs last year and we thought we'd pass the information on. She made an awesome invention. It was a baby jar with metal lids hooked on with wires. That way you can put a candle under the lids to melt wax. The key is to mix BEES WAX with a crayon of your desired color. Then you melt the wax using a candle underneath. Your painting instrument is the back of a pencil - eraser side with a glass ball pin stuck in the eraser. Dip the pin's end into the melted wax mixture and then paint it onto the egg.
They turned out pretty good, don't you think? The amazing ones were done by Magda.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A marathon together.

I've been wanting to do the Prague half marathon since I found out about it the first year we were here. Last year I was pregnant so I signed Dan and I up to run this year. It was a great excuse to have Dan watch the kids in the mornings and get out and run. Unfortunately Dan hadn't run since January, he has been too busy working on his thesis. Everyone assumed he would die. We ended up running most of it with my friends Maylia and Emily. Their pace was perfect. We started in the back so we passed people the whole time until about 19K when I started to hurt. Now you'd think Dan would be dying but no he was keeping me going - saying cute little things to keep me distracted, "Val you're so hot when you run" etc. We didn't walk and got a pretty good time: 2:09. So pretty much we are amazing! Dan says since we both did a half we can say "We ran a marathon together."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strike three...

So Dan got his third letter from UBC the other day. "We regret to inform you . . . " So now for plan B. Dan has been applying for Geography jobs teaching at Jr. Colleges and Universities and GIS jobs. But we're still mostly focused on graduating from school here. Dan's almost done with his thesis. I think the end has to be the hardest part. I guess we'll move back to the U.S. when there's a job to move home to. Once again - we'll keep you posted.