Friday, December 14, 2007

December Fun

While my friend is in America, we borrowed her zoo passes and all went to the zoo. The main reason for our visit was to do some Christmas shopping. Unfortunately the zoo was all out of their "Jsem Prase" and "Jsem Gorilla" I'm a pig and I'm a gorilla T-shirts, but we still had a lot of fun at the zoo. Vinson liked sitting on this tiger more than watching the real tiger cubs. We also got to hang out with the "people animals."

December 6th is St. Mikulas, but it's celebrated on the evening of the 5th. Dan had to work until late on the 5th, so I called some friends and Becca, Logan, Vinson and I went to old town square. St. Mikulas is the Czech's version of Santa Clause and he's always accompanied by an angel and a devil. If you say a poem to Mikulas they will give you a candy. Sometimes they go to homes and if the kids are good they give them a present, but if the kids are bad, Cert (the devil) gives the parents a whip to keep the children in line. I guess you could say that happens as often as kids get coal in their stocking. Vinson was sick, but I still dragged him out in the cold . . . hrmm . . because I wanted to see Mikulas. We didn't stay out too long.

Some of the costumes were pretty ornate, but a lot of them were cute home made costumes. Next year if everything works out we'll dress up. Hold your thumbs and cross your fingers!
Some other fun things we did was go to the foot exhibit in the Museum. It was right up my alley! There were shoes from all over the world. Vinson and Laurence (see picture below) had a lot of fun hiding behind the drapes and having races through the exhibit, and Melinda and I were pointing out cool shoes to each other. Among the exhibit was Neil Armstrongs space boot, Shaq's boot, some famous Czech olympian shoes, and other fun things like the tiny Chinese shoes, and eskimo shoes.

Melinda and Laurence at the entrance of the Foot exhibit


Leez said...

I saw some lovely footage of St. Mikalus (sp?) taken by my friend. I'm, uh, glad I was on a bus on the way to Frankfurt at the time.

Chambers Family said...

How fun! We haven't even gone out to do anything like see the lights yet. Mike is done with this semester so maybe we'll do something now, but not as cool as this!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I miss you Val! Merry Christmas!