Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vesele Divadlo

Around Halloween one of the girls in our branch (Magda) asked Dan and I if we would be willing to be Joseph and Mary for the Christmas Divadlo (theater). Magda organized a nativity theater last year for her YW project and wanted this years to be even better. I said, "we'd love to" and dragged Dan to all the practices. I never did Drama in High School and thought it would be great fun! I also was flattered that Magda thought my Czech was good enough that I could do it. It wasn't as much as you would think. Four lines and "Mary's Lullaby" in Czech.
Dan was an awesome Joseph! Vinson hung out at a friends house and was great until he saw Dan. Apparently he didn't recognize me, but when he saw Dan he said, "Daddy!" happily and then was restrained when trying to run to the stage, and that's when he cried. It was pretty cute. Poor Holly missed the whole thing.

Here is the whole cast. It went really well!


Kenzie said...

Aww! You all look so cute! Happy Christmas!

Leez said...

Oh, you are so adorable. I feel for Vinson.