Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"I LOW" Vinson!

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and I am so Thankful I have such a cute little boy like Vinson! Vinson and I are best buds! He loves his Daddy. In the morning he makes kissing noises as he runs to Dan to kiss him goodbye. Then he'll give Dan a hug and say "I LOW" AKA I love you. On the phone it is always understood as "Hello" which isn't nearly as flattering as "I love you." He is the best house cleaner in the world. Even when I don't want to he'll run to the chair and pull on it- AKA mom, it's time to do the dishes! Then he'll be so helpful putting the water from the sink into a bowl and sucking on any dish rag he can get his hands on. Laundry has doubled since then because his shirt is wetter than the dish rag by the time we're done. But that's okay because he helps with the laundry too. He takes things out of the washer slower than I put them back in. If anyone wants a helper with vacuuming, Vinson can start the vacuum by himself! We love reading books together and watching Cars (we've seen it almost everyday.) I can't get enough of my little VINSON! I have so much to be thankful for!


Leez said...

Aw! Cute! Cute! Vinson is very happy.

Mckenzie said...

He is so cute! LoL Aww!

Emily and Kyle said...

I love Vinson too. You guys are having way too much fun. I wish I could go to Vienna. Every time I see the name Vinson I think of how we would call Dan "Vince". It's hard for me to remember that you are talking about your son!