Friday, November 2, 2007


Lions, and tigers and CHEETAH'S!!!

Here Cheetah Vinson is! Notice the super cool ghost slippers that my mom bought for Vinson when he was still in my tummy! I'm glad we got to give them some good use!
We are super lucky to have friends who live in Nebusice which is probably the only place in the Czech Republic where there is trick or treating. We went last year, but didn't go trick or treating, we felt like theives knowin that Vinson couldn't do anything with the goods. We went again this year and Vinson was really good at saying, "Diky" which is Czech for thank you when we went trick or treating.
But since it's the only place in the Czech Republic that you can go trick or treating they get A TON!!!!! (Five exclamation points doesn't even do it justice) of trick or treaters. We got a small stash and then kept running into homes that had run out.
Here is a picture of the trick or treaters that were in our group (besides Anna, Elly, and Anna) We have Martin the bat, Sophie the flower, Vinson the cheetah, Gabby (first time trick or treater) witch, Jonas (also first timer) Zorro and Vivian who was also a bat. It was great fun!!
Pumpkin Carving Party!
Other festivities! Dan and I hosted a pumpkin carving party, no small feat in Prague. One of my English students who saw the pumpkins before the carving said, "Were did you get those? Not in Prague? I've never seen them here." Well, I happen to have American connections. They sell pumpkins at the international English School of Prague and I bought 4 big pumpkins (at around 5 bucks a pop) but it was worth it!
We invited Becca and Logan, foreign exchangers from Manhattan Kansas (Becca actually knows Lindsay Long!)
Jirka and Renca also came! Jirka was a missionary in Arizona, so he knew all about Halloween festivites. Renca was a first time pumpkin carver and did an amazing job, I might add.

Here the happy family is. It was a lot easier gutting with Vinson than carving. I think we did a pretty good job at keeping him away from the knives :)
When we lit the first pumpkin Vinson squealed and ran up to the pumpkin. It was so cute!

The Gang!
Chris and Brian came a little late, and they made and excellent Bart Simpson pumpkin.

Becca and Logan did an awesome ghost. Ours was the one in the midle. Notice the Prague Castle under the bat. It was dan's idea to have the Prague skyline in the pumpkin and Val made it a reality. The castle was Jirka and Renca, not bad for first timers eh? Too bad it went all moldy before Halloween.
This is what happened when I took out the trash one day. Vinson found out a way to get inside the trash (which was actually pretty clean so don't worry:) Mom and Dad are still puzzled as to how he got in there.


Chambers Family said...

Hi guys! It looks like you guys are having an awesome time. Vinson is getting so big. Have fun!-Mike and Steph

Em Russ said...

Hi Dan & Val, I just found your blog and have to tell you how cute your little guy is! It looks like you guys are having so much fun! Hope all is well!

Chambers Family said...

Hey Val-
I "tagged" you. Read our blog :)