Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to Venice with Emily


We wanted to let Emily see a little more of Europe than just Prague and went on an awesome trip!  Dan made this map that shows what we did.

We stopped in Hallstadt for a lunchbreak.  It’s a beautiful mining town on a lake in the Alps.


Then we drove to Lake Bled, Slovenia. 


It’s another beautiful city by a lake.  There’s a castle and a church on the island in the lake.  Our favorite part of Lake Bled was our hike in Vintgar Gorge.  The river was so clear, and the foliage was so green and to top it off the hike ended at a waterfall!IMG_1395IMG_1396

IMG_1404The next day we drove to Punta Sabbioni where we camped on the beach.  The drive there was beautiful!


The boys liked the beach the best!  The water was great!beach5IMG_1424

The next day we took a boat to Venice.


Then we drove to Nevegal where we camped.  On the way there were biker names painted all over the road.  We missed the Giro by 4 days.IMG_1509IMG_1522

Finally we drove home taking our time driving through the dolomites (Italian Alps).  So incredibly beautiful!



SD Fiddlers said...

Incredible pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

The Englands said...

Hey, I have a puzzel of the mountains in that last picture!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Wow, what a fun trip!! You got some beautiful pictures of some beautiful places!!