Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emily's Visit

My sister Emily came to visit for a month. She "earned" her keep babysitting the boys while I taught English at an elementary school. The boys loved her! It was to the point that when I tried to comfort Benji from crying he yelled, "No, I want Emily!" It was wonderful! We toured around Prague and the Czech Republic and thoroughly wore me out, but had a lot of fun! Here are some highlights:
Kutna HoraOuting at the National Museum
VyšehradWe went to the Estates Theater to see the Marriage of Figaro, then the next night Dan and I were able to go to a Symphony at the Obecni Dum.Day trip to Cesky Krumlov, just me and Emily.Paddle boating on the Vltava We also went on a trip to Lake Bled, Venice and the Dolomites. Pictures of this trip coming up soon! It was so good to have Emily here. We really miss her!


SD Fiddlers said...

Beautiful!! I'm glad she was able to get out and visit you guys.

Emily said...

Best blog post yet? lol :)