Friday, October 29, 2010

Slovakia Part 3–The End (For everyone but Dan that is)

Sunday we went to church in Košice.  We doubled the size of the Mormon congregation (practically) seeing as Mormon missionaries haven’t been there very long and it’s a very young branch.  It rained.

10-09_slovensko 265

Košice has an awesome city center with fountains that “dance” to music played over speakers.  The kids could have spent all day there – Val too.

10-09_slovensko 26910-09_slovensko 274

We didn’t have the internet in the apartment so every now and then we would haul the kids to the school.  Dan’s a pretty unique student: married . . . with kids . . . American . . . and Mormon!  No wonder all of his professors know him by name.

After we left Dan gave two lectures at the University.  The first one was on Mormon culture and history.  The second one was on Utah’s unique regional geography.  They both went really well.image10-09_slovensko 292

We took a couple more trips.  First we went to Levoča.  It has an amazing wooden altar in a really beautiful church. 

10-09_slovensko 31110-09_slovensko 313

Then we went to Bardejov which has a really cute square.  We also took a bus to another Skanzen (outdoor museum)

10-09_slovensko 35210-09_slovensko 35310-09_slovensko 40610-09_slovensko 40710-09_slovensko 41310-09_slovensko 43610-09_slovensko 418

We had an “adventure” coming home.  I came home by myself with two boys, a large stroller and a 60 pound suitcase.  We had to ride the train to a smaller station to get on the night train to come home.  The night train came and I was the first one on with the stroller and Vince.  The train car guy took me to our room, then I ran back to get the suitcase.  I was stressed!  Dan said, "don't worry you have time."  I hauled the suitcase back to our room and then the train car guy talked to me again because he wanted me to pay more money because I had a kid and we only paid for one bed.  I had to cut him off cause Dan was still holding Benji.  Vince was in the room, I said I'd be right back.  Started towards the doors and the train started moving.  I freaked.  What about Ben!  Then I ran back and this nice looking guy was holding Benji sleeping in his arms.  Phew!!!  I love Slovaks!  They are SO NICE!  I got Benji and then went back to the car.  The train guy then realized I had 2 kids and one bed so he came to try to get me to pay for another bed (I would have done it, but had no money) - so he told me under no circumstances was I to sleep in the other bed- all in Slovak with me speaking Czech.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  (Slovak to me is exactly like Czech spoken with a Ukrainian accent).  I slept . .  . not well but we made it home!

Dan: “And I had to wait until the next day to find out if sleeping Benji made it back to Mama and Vince…”

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Q said...

Way to go Val, you rock! That is so awesome that you were conversing Czech to Slovak. That is a cute town square you found, and I love the fun roof-tops.