Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dan was invited to be a guest lecturer at the University of Prešov and got a foreign exchange grant as long as he stayed there at least 3 1/2 weeks. Through his program he has to do some study abroad time so we decided it was a good opportunity to work on his requirement and see Slovakia.
The only downside was that Val and the kids could only stay for 1 1/2 weeks.

We took the night train. Vince was super excited because he got to sleep on the top bunk!Prešov is a really cute city with amazingly friendly people!Here Vince is at the "pizza park."We had authentic halušky! Yum! Dinner was great! (Even though Benji shattered his glass on the floor.The boys favorite part of Prešov was probably throwing rocks off the bridge by the university building. I kept taking pictures of the old women. They were so cute with their skirts, aprons, and scarfs!Here we are at a Špiš Castle (known for being enormous!) We had to hike up this big hill and walk to the other side of the castle to get to the entrance. It was worth the hike - the castle was awesome!More Slovakia travel log to follow:


Q said...

Can't wait to see more! That castle does look very cool.

hannah said...

Wow! What an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing pictures!