Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter both ways!

We celebrated Easter the Czech and American ways this year! We have a tradition that Magda comes over and does Czech style eggs with us every year. I love it! I guess this isn't completely Czech because our boys participate in creating the eggs. If you see an egg and say, "Wow, that's amazing!" Magda probably made it, but I'm much better than two years ago!Later we had some of our friends over to dye eggs. Color with crayon, drop in dye, put stickers on it. Can't get more American than that! In Czech tradition, while the girls are making eggs the boys are making pomlasky (Easter whips). Dan learned how to make them this year! The finished products. This is our Easter tree. They are very common in front yards with eggs and ribbons tied to the tree. Since we don't have a yard this is what we did.

The boys got Easter buckets (since we had no sandbox buckets) this year and were very excited about their candy! Benji calls anything sweet cookie now. So all morning he was running around saying, "Cookie, cookie!" Sidenote: Cookie is not to be confused with Kuk (Czech for peek a boo) Unless one is prepared with actual cookies while playing the game tears may result. Lesson learned.

Easter Monday is when the boys go and whip the girls to get eggs. We always go to the čubovi's house because 1. They have 4 girls (one boy) 2. We love them and it's a good excuse to go to their house. 3. Romana (mother) is the first Czech woman I could understand. She has a knack of using simple words and enunciates really well. So she was someone I was comfortable visiting our first year here.

The pictures for this and Easter Sunday are on our camera which Dan has in America. I'll have him add them later.

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

What fun traditions your family has!