Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Since we've moved here there has been hardly any snow in Prague. A few years ago there was a cross country ski race at Vystaviště, a few blocks away and afterwards they put the leftover snow in the park by us. That't pretty much the extent of our snow experience until this year. Prague hasn't had this much snow since the 1970's! The day after the biggest snowfall (over one foot!), we went sledding in the park down the street! Thanks to the Vondruškovi for letting us use their sled! The boys LOVED it! Benji giggled when we went down the hill. Much different from Vinson. The first time, we tried sledding with Vince, he refused to go and cried the whole time I went down the hill (maybe he thought I'd die?). This time around, both boys and parents had a good time.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

That's awesome that you guys got so much snow. That's nice you got to take advantage and go sledding!

The Englands said...

I remember when we tried to go sledding. Vince was hysterical when he saw Dan going down the hill on skis.