Friday, January 1, 2010

December in a nutshell

December was a lot of fun. December 5th was Mikuláš (St. Nicholas Day). Mikuláš comes around with a devil (Čert) and angel. Čert scares you if you've been bad -or gives your parents a whip . . . this happens about as often as people actually get coal in their stocking - and the angel gives you candy if you've been good. Our neighbors were dressing up and offered to stop by our place.
We got a live Christmas tree this year and used the stroller to bring it home. It was REALLY pokey. We made a trip to Dresden for Vinson's visa and got to see their Christmas markets. German Christmas markets are the best!!!We made gingerbread houses. Benji particularly liked eating the candy. And said hello to the carp outside our apartment daily. (Czechs eat carp for dinner on Christmas Eve. So they sell them "fresh" and you can pick it out and take it to your bathtub or have it killed on the spot.)Benji got chicken pox on Christmas day. Here we are celebrating New Years with a movie and popcorn.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

How fun to celebrate Christmas a little bit different than we do here. Chicken pox on New Years Eve is a bummer! Hope he heals fast!

The Englands said...

Make sure you wrote down when they got chicken pox for your immunization records.