Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keeping Mommy Straight

I'm so lucky that I get to be Vinson's mommy! Sometimes I wonder who is teaching who. The other day we had french toast for dinner and Vinson was helping. Of course I was trying to cook and wash dishes at the same time and was slightly distracted. Vinson thought he would help by pouring the egg batter into the frying pan with the french toast. I yelled, "Vinson! NO NO NO! If you can't help you've got to go into the living room!" and I roughly carried him into the living room expecting Dan to jump up and help me. I don't yell very often, but when I do it's almost always because Vinson did something that made a big mess that he wouldn't have known not to do . . . he was just curious. After a minute or two I usually appologize and explain to Vinson why it made mommy mad. Dan by nature doesn't yell ever and it always shocks him to hear how high my volume can go. He picked Vinson up and asked me not to yell. I can't help it. Afterwards I always feel stupid for yelling at Vinson. So, this made me mad and I didn't do my routine appology. To make it worse a minute later Vinson ran into the kitchen and said "Ty, ty, ty" the Czech way of saying "No, no, no" or shaking your finger at someone. Now I laugh and say, awe that's cute.
Also last Thursday I was teaching a new student from 11-12. We usually eat lunch at 11 and I could tell Vinson was getting hungry so I asked him if he wanted a hotdog. I warmed it up and got it ready as quickly as I could because I was in the middle of a lesson. I figured I'd have at least 10 minutes of peace once he got his hotdog, but Vinson kept whining. "Vinson! Can't you just eat your hotdog?!" "Mommy, Amen." Awe! So I explained to my student that we pray before we eat and had a quick prayer with Vinson. What a good boy! Sure, it was a little awkward, but well worth it.


Anonymous said...

You guys are all so cute! Seriously.


Rebecca said...

Aww... I miss Vinson. Sorry Val, but I miss him more than anybody else I knew in Prague.