Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm a big boy now!

I guess Vinson isn't officially a big boy until he's potty trained in my book, but he has learned a lot of new things lately. Vinson can say his name! It sounds like "Dinson." I was a little suprised because I thought he would call himself "Vincy" because that's what all of his friends call him. He is trying to count, in English and Czech. In Czech he counts one, two, three, six, eight. Eight is "osm" which sounds like awesome and is his favorite word. He also trys to say the ABC's. We're not sure where he picked that up. Maybe from Elmo. He's good at saying "n" but that's about it.
Vinson's also big enough that he doesn't need a nap every day. Which is a very sad thing for me :( During the phasing out process I would try to lay with him in the crib (yes, I'm small enough) or put him in our bed with me and finally when nothing would work I would leave him in his crib and try to take a ten minute nap in my room. At this point Vinson turns into a psycho-possessed little boy and screams his head off. Nothing can consol him and he's ultra picky about how blankets are situated, changes his mind about wanting milk or juice, and of course they have to be in his favorite--at that moment--sippy cup. I decided ignoring him completely was the best strategy because I was positive he needed a nap and even more sure that I needed one. I'm laying in my bed and his crying stops. "Oh good!!!" But then it starts up again and gets louder and I hear his foot steps running into my room. "WHAT!!" Yes, Vinson has learned how to climb out of his crib. I've rearranged the furniture so that the couch no longer can help him and he still can do it, but he needs the extra adrenaline from psycho Vinson to do it. If he's calm he can't climb out. Crazy. So I take naps and hope he doesn't mess up the house too much.
So with all of this in mind I can tell you a story that happened today. Vinson wanted me in the crib with him so I got in and we were playing. He put blankets on me and told me goodnight. I was ready for a nap, so I played along . . . really well. Then he "helped" me go to sleep by climbing all over me and using my head as a stool. Then he wanted out of the crib, so I helped him out and one by one he took away all of my blankets. I wouldn't let him take the last one, which happens to be his favorite until he gave me a different one. Then he played with his toys and came back to the crib wanting to get back in. I wouldn't let him because I wanted to sleep.
...Half an hour later.
It was unusually quiet when I woke up from my nap. Then I could hear Vinson's breathing a little louder than normal. I sat up and saw that he was sleeping on the carpet. I stole his bed from him and made him sleep on the carpet! I felt horrible. He slept another hour and a half on the carpet so when he woke up I spoiled him. I felt alwful.


Matthew said...

Vinson is getting so grown up!!! We are glad that we were able to give the the photo book idea to you. It really is a fantastic site.

Melissa and Doug said...

Nice Blog, It sounds like life is exciting for you guys. Vince is very cute. Congratulations on the new baby, I hope that everything goes well.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

What a funny story. It paints quite a picture!

Rebecca said...

haha... I can totally picture the whole thing.
Maybe some day soon he'll realize that mommy needs a nap, and play quietly.