Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Unfortunately our camera has been broken since our Utah trip (but it should return fixed in a few weeks) so this post won't have any pictures. We've had a lot of fun this Easter! On Friday afternoon Vinson and I went to our friends the Wicker's house to do some easter egg dying. Vinson was very excited about playing with Vivian and Martin, but didn't seem so impressed with the egg dying. I think I plan a lot of things for myself more than Vinson. I'm the one who really wanted to dye eggs.
That evening we invited a LOT of people to come to our house and dye eggs. I had blown out 1 1/2 dozen eggs for the occasion, but Magda was the only one to come. We had learned last year the Czech technique of melting crayons and painting the egg with the crayon. Magda had this technique perfected. She had a bottle with metal lids attached with wire so that she could put wax into the metal lid and put a candle underneath so that the wax would stay melted. To make it work you need to use 1/2 bees wax and 1/2 crayon for the color. Otherwise the crayon will just burn. Then you dip pins into the wax and paint the egg. My first egg wasn't so hot, but I improved immensely and made some pretty awesome eggs! Dan also did amazing on his first and only attempt. Magda said that Dan was the first man she has ever seen doing easter eggs. (Here the men/boys make whips and the girls paint eggs). We had no trouble painting all of the blown out eggs and even some of our cracked hard boiled eggs. It was kind of sad to throw the hard boiled masterpieces away when you wanted to eat the egg. I will post pictures when our camera returns. Saturday morning we returned to the Wickers for an easter egg hunt! It was pretty funny because camouflaged eggs really threw Vinson off.
Sunday night we were spoiled with AMERICAN FOOD! We had ham, green jello, funeral potatoes, and homemade "reese's peanut butter eggs." Ham was the only food that is easily found in Prague. :)
Monday is when Czechs celebrate Easter. The girls decorate eggs and the boys make whips and on easter the boys "lightly tap" the girls bottom and the girls give them an egg. I guess the "bottom tap" is supposed to help girls stay fertile. It's an awful tradition, but kind of fun. Unfortunatly Vinson was sick so we had to cancel all of our whipping appointments :(. He's feeling much better now, but still not back to normal.


Emily and Kyle said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! We were so sorry to miss you guys when you were here in Utah! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

allie said...

That Easter Egg painting sounds like a ton of fun! I'd love to have you show me when you come visit! :)