Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dan and I decided to get up early and hopefully see some mountains. It looked to both of us like it was really blue and beautiful outside, BUT the blue was clouds. This is how we felt about it:

Then we hiked to this amazing waterfall!

Unfortunately there wasn't any more time to be in Interlaken, we had to get to Lucern. The whole time I thought to myself, I'll sleep on the train. But who could sleep with this beautiful ride?

Lucern has it's origional castle walls up that you can climb through. Vince was a good sport.
Check out this heavy duty Swiss Army knife.

It was a long walk, but I insisted that we go see the lion. I'm glad we did it was AMAZING!

Of course we saw the Lucern bridges. These bridges have paintings in the ceilings. It's really cool, but I'm sure they were painted during the plague. The most popular thing shown was a skeleton.

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