Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fertility: easter eggs and whips!

We've thought about starting a blog for a while. I feel like I write the same thing to all of my friends anyway, and Dan's poor friends get neglected sometimes, so this will be a good way for us to keep everyone updated and hopefully hear from all ya'all. Not much going on with us. We're excited for Easter and are going to make the best of U.S. and Czech traditions. Tomorrow night we're having a bunch of friends over to decorate Easter eggs. I was getting worried because after we invited everyone I wandered the aisles of Tesco (Europe's Wallmart) trying to find egg dye. It wasn't in my Czech/English dictionary and after an hour we gave up. Fortunately we have connections and between the American girls here and my friend Smilka who helped us find what we needed we're all set! Sunday we're going to have yummy lasagna (haven't had it since we've been here. Noodles are hard to find) and easter baskets. I'm making some home made goodies for the baskets and of course some good old European chocolate!
Monday Dan has school off! Yeah! (Only one day though) We're going to visit some of our Czech friends so that Vinson can whip some fertility into the Czech girls. For doing them this "favor" he'll get candy. They get to pour water on him. I'm not sure what the significance of that is. We'll tell you how it went!


Gerrie said...

Hi, so good to hear from you. Vinson is now past a year old and walking and running around in circles, I bet. All is well here - very well, indeed. Spring is upon us and is so very welcome. We have had a cold winter but not enough snow for the water table. I have three new great-grandchildren - but Walt's family is not producing much any more. He has a bunch though - I think about 33! Something like that. Enjoy your days there and have a fun Easter day. Love ya - Gerrie

fluteloops said...
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fluteloops said...

Hooray for blogging! Yes, blogging like googling has become a verb, what a crazy language. How do you say blogging in Czech?
So, is Vinson really going to whip girls or is that just an expression?
Feliz dia del Pascua

Mckenzie said...

Yay! Vincent! Sounds like the holidays there are just as nutty as the holidays here. Love ya lots!

Mike said...

You guys Rock! Thanks for keeping me posted. I wish we could come visit you. Have you made it to Oesterreich yet? Have fun guys and keep me posted. It looks like Vinson is getting so big!

Scarface said...

Hey guys, I love blogs. They make it so easy to keep in touch. I have a blog myself that can be found at
Hope to keep in touch with ya'll. take care.

Katie said...

Dan and Val and now Vince, I got your blog address from Miss Lindsey Long. My new family and I are going to be visiting Prauge in May and I'm hoping to get some insider information on what's the best stuff for us to do there. My husbands itching to see the museum of torture. I'm hoping for picturesque city squares and whatever is TRUELY CZECH. Lead us Guide us.

I'm so happy to hear you're doing well and that you have a new little child friend called Vince. Hooray for you two!

Love ya, Katie Larsen Thaut