Friday, April 6, 2007


Every Thursday night we have "game night." It started because Val missed playing games with her family so much. Our friend Chris comes every week, but this week we invited some other friends. Monika, Michal, Chris, Karey, Matt, and their friends Becca and Chris from the U.S. (sidenote: They brought us a 72 oz. bag of chocolate chips and I cried with joy!) The coolest part, though is that we learned how to make eggs the Czech way thanks to Monika. Here are the directions: go to town! First you need some pins. We didn't have any but fortunately we have friends in our apartment building so we got some. Then you need a candle. You heat the pinhead in the fire (use a pencil or crayon for a handle: push the pin into the crayon or pencil so you won't burn your fingers off if ya want) when it's good and hot melt some crayon wax on the pin and use the wax to decorate the egg. It's hard but really cool!
Vinson was amazingly good this whole time and only got into a little bit of mischief. There were lots of people to entertain him.

Friday we finally got to see the cool church in Vysehrad. It was our fifth attempt! Every other time we just missed it or it was closed for some unknown reason. It was crazy cool and decorated all over the place. Paintings all over the walls. I wish we had pictures, but we were good tourists and didn't even have a camera!

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Mckenzie said...

Aww! Vince is so cute! Oh, and it looks like it was fun to decorate. Very interesting-- the whole wax thing.