Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Creations

First, a fun Easter story from Vinson. We were at the park and he was drawing with chalk. Then he told me he was going to play the chicken game. I asked him how it worked. He sat on the ground and drew some eggs under him then jumped up and said, "Let's count how many eggs." It cracked me up! (cracked me up lol!). He kept laying eggs all over the playground, and it was so funny to see him sitting down like he was the chicken. So funny!

An update. I'm insured and registered for a hospital! The stress level has gone down. If you're curious, I got to step 76. I finished the steps here. I finished before at 68.

Last Saturday I invited some friends over to do Czech style Easter Eggs. Dan took the boys to the park while we decorated. Vince's smile is strange because he was trying to eat pistachios shell and all.

It's really easy!
1. Melt 1/2 bees wax 1/2 crayon (crayon for color). I did this by putting the wax in a tea candle container that was attached to the top of a jar. Then I put candles underneath to melt the wax.
2. Stick a glass tipped pin in an eraser so you have a drawing utensil.
3. Dip the pin in the wax and draw lines or dots to make your decoration.

They turned out great! The pictures aren't great since our camera only uses flash half the time.
My latest project is making paper baskets. The family center I volunteer at teaches crafts once a month, so I learned how to make a basket out of a phone book. You can learn how here. It has been perfect to do while listening to General Conference. I love Easter!


Q said...

That's a really cute basket Val!

Heather said...

Awesome, Val! Thanks for your help on this.