Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Fun

For Valentines day the boys made valentines day boxes (or Love Day boxes as the boys would say – darn that Blue’s Clues :)  I tried to put something in their box the week leading up to valentines day.  They also made valentines for their grandmas.  All of them.  When I asked Vince how many grandmas he had he said, “A LOT!”  “Okay, how many do you have in America?”  The reason for the confusion is that there are a lot of really cute old women at church who love the boys and give them chocolate or little presents practically every week. 


Benji’s                                    Vinson’sclip_image003

I’ve also been nesting.  I borrowed a friends sewing machine and sewed in all the free time I had for a week.  I made this quilt for a friend and started squares for a baby quilt.


Vinson is 5!  I can’t believe it time passes so quickly!  We had a pirate themed birthday party and had it in the family center I volunteer at.  It was pretty wild but everyone had a good time.  We made pirate hats and did a treasure hunt. 


Vince is such a good helper!  I usually have to tell him to leave toys for Benji to pick up when we’re cleaning up.  He really tries hard to please and plays so well with Benji.  He is phenomenal with legos and loves to ride his bike, help mom cook, and play World of Goo on the computer this is an awesome game!  (he also acts out the game with legos).  We love Vinson!  He’s such a good boy!

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The Englands said...

Val- Shoot, I forgot to wish Vince a happy birthday! I can't believe he's 5! In my head he's just a 3 year old. They grow so fast. Cute blanket too.