Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Christmas Letter

We sent this to some people by email, but for those of you who haven't seen it. . . here it is. (And send me a message so I can get your email in my list of contacts.)

Dear Family and Friends,

As the year comes to a close we can’t help but think about those we love (you) and we’d like to update you on the Reeves family happenings. We are still living in Prague (4 years and counting) and just moved to a bigger apartment. The boys have their own room, we have a full sized fridge, and oven! Very exciting! Still more exciting is the fact that we are expecting a new baby long about next July.

Dan is working on his PhD and has made good progress in the requirements. He’s even a “little Dr.” RNDr. – which doesn’t mean much unless your Czech. Then you would say, “Wow! Impressive!” and call him “Pane Doktore.” Dan gets offered more work (translating and editing from Czech to English) than he can manage, almost entirely from professors in his Geography Department. Dan is now practically Czech, since his language skills are absolutely amazing. Dan is the most amazing husband and father and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family.

Val found several new ways to stay busy this year. She is still volunteering at a local family centre (she also happens to grace their Internet homepage, along with Vince and Benji: http://rcletna.cz). She does all kinds of fun art projects with the boys, some of which she then uses at the family centre (pardon my British, Val is making fun of me ;-). She also teaches a popular singing class for toddlers and moms. In the fall, Val started teaching English at a preschool one day a week. She still finds time to take good care of the three boys in her family and we all appreciate her very much!

Vince is so much fun to have around. He keeps us entertained with his stories, games and prayers. He is a great brother and includes Benji in a lot of his fun and games. He likes pretending to be various superheroes and utilizing his awesome Lego skills. Vince gave organized sports a try recently, at a local football (soccer) club. He seemed to prefer playing tag to playing soccer, although he did enjoy the warm-up drills. We will try again next year.

Benji likes to be with his brother and is picking up language, counting and alphabet skills pretty quickly. He loves to sing, especially I Am a Child of God and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. His favorite pastimes are reading books with daddy, cuddling with mommy, watching Dora and Boots (as he would call it) and playing with Vinson.

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. It is great to remember our Savior Jesus Christ, his example, his teachings and his precious gifts. And as always, a new year gives us a great opportunity to reflect and (re-)commit ourselves to be more like Him.

Love, Dan, Val, Vince and Benji Reeves

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n8, kris10, and scout said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great. So good to hear!!!