Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hopefully we didn't celebrate Dan's graduation too early (his thesis defense and final exam are on Wednesday), but we wanted to travel somewhere before plane tickets got more expensive for the summer . . . so we looked into flights to London and Barcelona - but ended up going to Athens. Some friends watched Vinson so Dan, Benjamin and I flew out for a three day trip. We had a blast! We got to see a lot of the old sights: the acropolis, the agora and the National Archeological Museum. We also were able to go to the beach. Unfortunately Benjamin thought I would disappear if I went in the water so I didn't get to swim much. Benji loves salty rocks :) Completely natural, right? We also got to eat Greek gyros which are amazing! We had one everyday!
When we got home, Dan and Vince got to wear matching Greek shirts and it was fun to be a complete family again. It's amazing how much we missed Vince after three days. Benji might have missed Vinson most of all.

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