Thursday, September 25, 2008

How is Vince coping?

Fun videos of BIG BOY VINSON!
Having two kids is definitely different than having just one. Vince has had two major ways of coping that are completely opposite but understandable. One way of coping is that he wants to be a baby too. When we left the hospital Dan had to carry Vince out in a blanket just like Benji. He also has a new liking for milk. Vince would always ask for juice before but now he wants to be like the baby.
The other way he copes is that he wants to be a big boy. His favorite saying now is "Vinson do it." He has learned how to get into the fridge and he will come walking into the living room with a big container of juice and he'll want to pour it. We've only had one big spill so far. Sometimes he wants to do absolutely ridiculous things like make me re-zip his zipper so that he can do it and when he has a problem at the end he'll finally ask for help. One excellent by-product of this is that he now is pee potty trained!! YEAH!! Of course he sill does it almost entirely for the candy he gets at the end.
Otherwise Vince absolutely loves Benji and kisses him all the time. He loves holding him and tries to pick him up by himself so we're always on guard. Occasionally he will give Benji a hard slap in the face but most of the time he's really good.
A lot of people say Vince and Benji look a lot alike. I don't really think so. What do you think?
Benjamin's passport photo:
Vinson's passport photo:
Benjamin before he was blessed at church:
Vinson before he was blessed at church:


Stacy said...

You're boys are just too cute! I love the dancing video...hilarious! Just wait, before long you'll have two running around like that! I do think they look very similar - especially those blessing pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vinson is just like his dad. Doing it for the candy. I ejoyed the pictures.
Dan's Dad

SumnSutton said...

Hi Dan & Val, Your family is beautiful. I enjoyed your stories. We take so much for granted here, especially having a baby. Holy Cow you are so tough Val. Congrats!!! Keep in touch. Summer

Katerina said...

That's cool how Vinson likes to do everything by himself. Anna's "sama" ("by myself") phase started about two months ago, too. It's great, but sometimes frustrating (i.e. re-zipping and redoing everything is not always time-effective). Good job with potty training, we're still working on it.
I think they look very similar, but I understand you see them differently simply because they are not the same person. They're both unique and special, and cute!

Emily and Kyle said...

I think they look so different. Their noses look similar and they look like brothers but that is it. People think Luke and Isaac look alike too, but I don't.
Both your boys are adorable!!
Luke is doing the "do it myself" thing all the time. He usually adds too "because I'm strong!"

Spencer and Kimberly said...

How fun! I do think your boys look alike. They have their differences but alike too. They're both sooo cute!