Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Pantheon Our second day in Rome was full of seeing Old Rome. This was Vinson's favorite part by far. He could run around, mostly free and climb on the old rubble.
It's amazing to see how much is still standing from years and years ago. Dan's favorite part was thinking, "Maybe Peter walked here." Dad's guide book told us all we wanted to know about the sights.
Wow, if I were in trouble, I'd want this soldier to save the day! SO HOT!
After we had our fill of the Forum we went to the Colesseum!

Next we saw the Pantheon by the day light and had a yummy sandwich afterwards.

What a FUN TRIP! We were excited to go back to beautiful Prague, but sad to leave the family.

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Leez said...

Ah, loved these pictures. I'm jealous of my mom and Brian when they get to go to Rome. Boohoo.