Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grandparents Arrive!!

We've been on the go for the last month with Grandma and Grandpa Reeves, and of course Margaret arriving. Dan and I ignored the jet lag and took them to the castle the night they arrived. It was closed, but we had plenty of time to come back. For the first week of their trip we showed them around Prague.
Parks in Prague are just plain cooler than in America! There aren't the lawsuits that take away the dangerously fun toys. And the funnest part was that Val had someone to play with. For some reason Dan doesn't want to ride the toys.

We showed Dan's family our favorite stomping grounds! Dan teaches English at the Senate building which is where this super cool park is. Dan Vince and I go here about once a week. Vinson's favorite part is that there is a huge pond of carp and gold fish and chasing the peacocks around.

Vinson's joy is partly because he was chasing pidgeons. And partly because he was getting spoiled like any good boy should by the grandparents.

Safari Vinson entertaining himself with Grandpa's hat on the train ride to Kutna Hora.
We finally went to the "bone church" in Kutna Hora after spending several days in Prague. This was the one thing Margaret was the most excited for. According to Maggie "It was cool, but not as big as I thought and there weren't as many bones as I thought." We're pretty sure she still enjoyed it.

In our opinion the best part about Kutna Hora is St. Barbara's Cathedral. Unfortunately you can't take pictures on the inside, but you can see it in the background here.

We decided to have a semirelaxing day before we headed off to Switzerland so we went to Pruhonice, a Zamek near by and wandered around their botanical gardens and ponds.

We finally had someone we could boss around with a camera to get this cute family photo. SWITZERLAND HERE WE COME!

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Karey said...

You guys are so cute! I love all the pictures :)