Friday, June 15, 2007

Big Boy Vinson!

Vinson's getting to be such a big boy and is funner to play with all the time. Here are some random facts about him. Vinson gets up at about 5:30 every morning. We're not really sure what he does from then to 6:30 because either Dan or I are dead to the world on the couch. Once we woke up to find Vinson smearing vasoline all over a pillow and his clothes. So we spent the next hour trying to get the stuff off of him, his clothes and the pillow. When we feed him breakfast he always pretends that the first bite is really gross. If he likes it he'll beg for more and if he doesn't he'll throw all of the food on the floor. Then we read about 4 stories. His favorite one is Hop on Pop. And now he says "Hop Pop" but it also sounds a lot like "Pup Up" (the first page of the story.) He loves to go to the park and his favorite thing is the sand box. Except he eats the sand. He always regrets it afterwards but hasn't learned yet. He also loves walking up and down steps. We've even made steps out of random things in the house so that he can play on the steps. At church he always goes up and down the steps to the pulpit until Mom or Dad pull him away from them.
Vinson loves animals. Whenever he sees a pidgeon he chases after it, which I think is really cute, except for the fact that pidgeons seem to run for the road more than a grassy area. He gets really excited when he sees a dog and is getting really good at saying "Doggie." Ducks are doggies too. We went to the park to feed ducks the other day and he was shouting "doggie" up a storm. It was really fun, except for the fact that a baby duck bit Vinson's hand thinking that it was bread. Vinson also loves the animals at the zoo, especially the gorillas and giraffes. But his favorite part of the zoo is the kiddie pool. I can't take his clothes off fast enough! He'll sit in the water on his haunches or chase other kids around.


Karey & Matt said...

Vinson is really such a big boy. And I am sure that he misses his favorite babysitters because we know that we miss him.

Karey said...

How are our favorite Czechers? We miss you guys so much! We have yet to find any couple friends, let alone any that could compare to you guys!! It's a good thing we like each other! haha
We're hanging out in Memphis and I just got a job today, and things are getting closer for Matt, so it looks like we'll be settling down here for a while! Who would have thought? Hope you're having fun with all your visitors!!! xoxox

Anna said...

Val, you guys are so cute. It's true... Vinson's getting big! I can't just say, "baby" anymore. He's a real boy! I liked that picture. i'll have to show it to mom and dad. Do you have any more? Is there a photo database that you can put on this, that would be super cool. I love you!! Life at the cave is fun, but it took about a week for my feet to start to get used to it. Man, you really hammer your feet something crazy. Everyone says hi. I love you!!

Lorraine said...

Val!!! You know I didn't have any clue that you had a blog. Anna just said, "Well, didn't you read their blog. Duh." and I was just shocked that you have one. Vinson's so big. You got bangs! Well, I love you all a lot. Like a lot a lot!